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出国英语考试有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思阅读评分标准 托福阅读评分标准 雅思和托福的区别




  I agree/disagree that….Admittedly,…However,…

  Only apply to yes or no.

  The college years are the best time in a person’s life.

  Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  I disagree that the college years are the best time in a person’s life. Admittedly, college often corresponds with a time when people are young, healthy, and physically strong, and those attributes are highly regarded in Western cultures. However, the college years must also be viewed as a period of high stress and a certain uncomfortable dependence. (57) (Barron P648)



  Nowadays, for those high students who are struggling in an abominably lot of examinations, college must be the dreaming paradise with no pressure for tests; for those who are avid for a job opportunity, college experience must be the glorious trump; for those who have never and ever roamed on any college campus for some reason, college must be the eternal regret. It seems undeniable that college years are the best time in a person’s life. But I really doubt it. (78) (Original)



  Nowadays, the growth of economy brings a great many changes one of which is the improvement of….This has led to a consequential controversy on what generated the change. One leading view is…while another….